United Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite United States of America, Prince Hall Affiliated
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Lodge of Perfection
 4th - 14th
4° Secret Master
5° Perfect Master
6° Intimate Secretary
7° Provost Judge
8° Intendant of the Building
9° Elu of the Nine
10° Elu of the Fifteen
11° Elu of the Twelve
12° Master Architect
13° Royal Arch of Solomon
14° Perfect Elu
The degrees from the Fourth to the Fourteenth, comprising the Lodge of Perfection, and being a continuation of the three degrees of the Blue Lodge, have their inception in the Old Testament and are called The Ineffable Degrees.
They teach TRUTH, INDUSTRY, HONESTY, BENEVOLENCE, JUSTICE, TOLERATION, PATRIOTISM, and LOVE OF COUNTRY. Each individual Mason must discover the secret of Masonry for himself by reflecting upon its symbols and a wise consideration for what has been said and done in the work.
Chapter of Rose Croix
15th - 18th
15° Knight of the East or Sword
16° Prince of Jerusalem
17° Knight of the East & West
18° Knight of the Rose Croix
The degrees from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth are Historical and Religious. They embody the period in which they were written, and apply in equal force today.

They teach War Against Ignorance, Intolerance and Error, That Every Noble Heart is God's Temple, and We Should Labor to Establish the Reign of Love and Peace, thus Building a Lasting Temple of God.

John the Baptist taught a creed belonging to the sect of the Essenes and very similar to Christianity. They believed that Truth was scattered in different sects. Light was the symbol of Good; Darkness was Evil. The Cross has been a sacred emblem of earliest antiquity; the Rose a symbol of dawn. Together the Rose and the Cross represent the dawn of Eternal Life.
Council of Kadosh
Philosophical and Chivalric Degrees
19th - 30th
19° Grand Pontiff
20° Master of the Symbolic Lodge
21° Noachite or Prussian Knight
22° Knight of the Royal Axe
23° Chief of the Tabernacle
24° Prince of the Tabernacle
25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent
26° Prince of Mercy
27° Knight Commander of the Temple
28° Knight of the Sun
29° Knight of St. Andrew
30° Knight Kadosh
The degrees from the Nineteenth to the Thirtieth, represent the Council of Knights Kadosh, are Philosophical and Chivalric.
They teach LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, and EQUALITY applied to our everyday life. The world will judge us by our acts and Masonry will be judged by the character of its members. Be modest and humble, speaking only of the good in mankind and forgetting the evil. Respect labor itself and have sympathy for the laboring classes. Practice Charity and scorn the base and selfish. Truth and Honor are more to be cultivated than the gathering of wealth and power.
The Consistory
 31st - 32nd
31° | Inspector Inquisitor
32° | Master of the Royal Secret
The Thirty-first and Thirty-second degrees are the last of the Four Bodies and are Official and Ceremonial Degrees.

They are the culmination, summing up as it were, of all the previous degrees. They Royal Secret, like the occult science of the ancients, is concealed even here, but remember, "Faith begins where reason sinks exhausted."

The Star of Hope shines for us as it did for the Wise Men of the East two thousand years ago. Today, as in the first days of creation, good and evil, right and wrong, justice and mercy, balance each other to teach us to remember ourselves as immortal souls, retaining for each other respect and charity while slowly climbing to that state of perfection - the final goal for all.
United Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite United States of America, Prince Hall Affiliated

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